Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Myspace Is A Place For Friends! Free Myspace Web Layouts Are Here....Chat With Me!

Jay Couple Art
Whats up, my name is Jay......as you can see I am an artist and poet! I use to have a ton of friends on Myspace, however, my account kept getting deleted by Tom because of people sending spam to comment section on my mysapce profile. So, what I did was blocked my HTML sections. I still didn't feel good about it because I didn't have anymore friends to kick it with on myspae. One of the best things about building a profile of mysapce is using the free myspae layouts that you can copy and paste on your editing section. Even though I'm not a huge fan of myspace.com anymore...I do help with finding some myspace tools for web tuning! I write poetry for all my female friends all of the time because the I just love the ladies. I got a lot of request from the girls on myspace wanting me to write them poetry! Living in Jacksonville, Fl at 23 years old is really a bummer because it's so hot when you are not even trying to run the sun is a killer. Come chat with me sometimes on myspace.com even though I'm not always on there I would love to leave you a comment sometimes. I hope you enjoyed reading me up and I hope you will enjoy this blog.

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