Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Drawing & Poem For My Mysapce Friends!

Here is another drawing for my mysapce friends. I know I haven't been posting on my blog in a while, but I'll more often to do so. Lately, myspae have been getting more and more popular in a while now. It even presented itself on a movie. If you can't remember the myspce name was pronounced once on Iron Man the movie by "Tony Stark", played by Robert Downey Jr.! I couldn't find a Iron Man poster so I ordered one offline for my little cousin. Man, he really loves Iron Man. Very soon I will Start writing some more poetry for my mysapce friends, until then, enjoy this new picture of a couple I had in mind and this poem for my mysapce friend girls, enjoy this my
comrades and friends :-)

“I Thought God Had Reached His Limit”
“But He Turned Around And Created You”
“The Beauty That You Carry Is Tremendous”
“And Held By A Chosen Few”

“I Tried To Put The Words Together“
“But Nothing Would Ever Fit“
“Like Tongue Tied Forever“
“So Nervous That I Couldn’t Even Sit“

“I Watched Your Every Step”
“Tread Upon Your Steady Move”
“Protected You Without You Even Knowing”
“I Am So Sorry If I Was Being Rude"

“Years Later I Am Still Here“
“The Fear Of Age Is Now More Clear”
“Wanting This To Never End“
“Only If Time Was Easy To Bend”

“Give Me Your Hand”
“We’ve Waited So Long”
“My Heart Burns Heavy For You”
“Your Natural Grace Will Never Be Wrong”

“I Close My Eyes To See Your Face”
“I Cannot Think Of A Better Place”
“To Dream On Forever More”
“Your Constant Beauty Will Forever Sore”

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