Sunday, November 23, 2008

What If Mysapce Had To ShutDOWN Because Of The Economy!

I was just wondering what if mysapce would have to shutdown due to the falling economy. We would see some really upset faces out there due to the huge need of the mysapce engine now. I feel like this may never happen because of the people all alone. Even if they had to start charging people overall, they would actually pay to keep there profiles open and viewable. Myspae have there ads which pays for the cost of the running of their social network website and their valued members. So much money is being handled online now and mysapce is smack in the middle!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mysoace - The Place For Friends! and Dating Online?

There is always ways for you to find a friend somewhere on the internet. I've noticed many people online meeting, but it draws the line when it comes to meeting each other from mysoace in real life. It's nothing wrong with online dating, but you need to be very careful when it comes to dating in that kind of way. I leave you with another poem for my friends, ENJOY!

"Take My Hand" (A Proposal)

"Take My Insanity If It Means Anything To You"
"Take My Thoughts And Leave Me Without A Clue"
"Take My Dreams If We Could Stay Together"
"Take My Clothes And Leave Me To The Weather"

"My Intentions Are Only Right"
"My Causes Will Be Just"
"Even If They're Out Of Sight"
"My Life In Yours Is A Must"

"Hand In Hand My Heart Belongs To You"
"Hand In Hand Our Love Is Deep And True"
"Hand In Hand We Know Our Love Will Last"
"Hand In Hand Our Future Could Never Be The Past"

"Look Over Our Differences"
"And See My Means"
"I Want You To Be My Wife"
"And Be In The Scene"

"5 Years Ago"
"We Built This Bridge"
"And 5 Years Later
"It Seems To Never End"

"So Take My Hand"
"There's Nothing I Want More"
"Because You Are The One And Only"
"That I Truly Adore"

By: Jermaine Pleas

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mysapce Vs Facebook - The Battle For Our Attention!

As days pass the social networks battle it out for our attention we are tested on a daily basis on which one these major networks are the best for us to keep up with our online friends. So let's talk about Facebook for a couple of minutes.


These guys are one of the top social networks online to date. They bring in up to 200,000 sign ups in a day. What is so spectacular with facebook is they allow you to create and distribute applications for people to use on there profiles. Most of them are games for you to play with your friends. Invite your friends to your applications and they more likely will add them. Overall, facebook is on top of the chain. With facebook you can do everything you do with mysapce. I give them a 8/10 because the feeling is almost too serious.


Mysapce is the #1 social networking website averaging up to 500,000 sign ups a day. Just like can create, add, and send out your applications to your friends on their mysapce friends and others. IMO the mysapce community is really cool although facebook is now an all people social network the community is sophisticated. Mysapce community is sophisticated too, but more open minded. I give them an 10/10. However, your opinion counts go ahead and vote on the side!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Drawing & Poem For My Mysapce Friends!

Here is another drawing for my mysapce friends. I know I haven't been posting on my blog in a while, but I'll more often to do so. Lately, myspae have been getting more and more popular in a while now. It even presented itself on a movie. If you can't remember the myspce name was pronounced once on Iron Man the movie by "Tony Stark", played by Robert Downey Jr.! I couldn't find a Iron Man poster so I ordered one offline for my little cousin. Man, he really loves Iron Man. Very soon I will Start writing some more poetry for my mysapce friends, until then, enjoy this new picture of a couple I had in mind and this poem for my mysapce friend girls, enjoy this my
comrades and friends :-)

“I Thought God Had Reached His Limit”
“But He Turned Around And Created You”
“The Beauty That You Carry Is Tremendous”
“And Held By A Chosen Few”

“I Tried To Put The Words Together“
“But Nothing Would Ever Fit“
“Like Tongue Tied Forever“
“So Nervous That I Couldn’t Even Sit“

“I Watched Your Every Step”
“Tread Upon Your Steady Move”
“Protected You Without You Even Knowing”
“I Am So Sorry If I Was Being Rude"

“Years Later I Am Still Here“
“The Fear Of Age Is Now More Clear”
“Wanting This To Never End“
“Only If Time Was Easy To Bend”

“Give Me Your Hand”
“We’ve Waited So Long”
“My Heart Burns Heavy For You”
“Your Natural Grace Will Never Be Wrong”

“I Close My Eyes To See Your Face”
“I Cannot Think Of A Better Place”
“To Dream On Forever More”
“Your Constant Beauty Will Forever Sore”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Myspace Is A Place For Friends! Free Myspace Web Layouts Are Here....Chat With Me!

Jay Couple Art
Whats up, my name is you can see I am an artist and poet! I use to have a ton of friends on Myspace, however, my account kept getting deleted by Tom because of people sending spam to comment section on my mysapce profile. So, what I did was blocked my HTML sections. I still didn't feel good about it because I didn't have anymore friends to kick it with on myspae. One of the best things about building a profile of mysapce is using the free myspae layouts that you can copy and paste on your editing section. Even though I'm not a huge fan of anymore...I do help with finding some myspace tools for web tuning! I write poetry for all my female friends all of the time because the I just love the ladies. I got a lot of request from the girls on myspace wanting me to write them poetry! Living in Jacksonville, Fl at 23 years old is really a bummer because it's so hot when you are not even trying to run the sun is a killer. Come chat with me sometimes on even though I'm not always on there I would love to leave you a comment sometimes. I hope you enjoyed reading me up and I hope you will enjoy this blog.