Monday, November 17, 2008

Mysoace - The Place For Friends! and Dating Online?

There is always ways for you to find a friend somewhere on the internet. I've noticed many people online meeting, but it draws the line when it comes to meeting each other from mysoace in real life. It's nothing wrong with online dating, but you need to be very careful when it comes to dating in that kind of way. I leave you with another poem for my friends, ENJOY!

"Take My Hand" (A Proposal)

"Take My Insanity If It Means Anything To You"
"Take My Thoughts And Leave Me Without A Clue"
"Take My Dreams If We Could Stay Together"
"Take My Clothes And Leave Me To The Weather"

"My Intentions Are Only Right"
"My Causes Will Be Just"
"Even If They're Out Of Sight"
"My Life In Yours Is A Must"

"Hand In Hand My Heart Belongs To You"
"Hand In Hand Our Love Is Deep And True"
"Hand In Hand We Know Our Love Will Last"
"Hand In Hand Our Future Could Never Be The Past"

"Look Over Our Differences"
"And See My Means"
"I Want You To Be My Wife"
"And Be In The Scene"

"5 Years Ago"
"We Built This Bridge"
"And 5 Years Later
"It Seems To Never End"

"So Take My Hand"
"There's Nothing I Want More"
"Because You Are The One And Only"
"That I Truly Adore"

By: Jermaine Pleas

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