Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mysapce Vs Facebook - The Battle For Our Attention!

As days pass the social networks battle it out for our attention we are tested on a daily basis on which one these major networks are the best for us to keep up with our online friends. So let's talk about Facebook for a couple of minutes.


These guys are one of the top social networks online to date. They bring in up to 200,000 sign ups in a day. What is so spectacular with facebook is they allow you to create and distribute applications for people to use on there profiles. Most of them are games for you to play with your friends. Invite your friends to your applications and they more likely will add them. Overall, facebook is on top of the chain. With facebook you can do everything you do with mysapce. I give them a 8/10 because the feeling is almost too serious.


Mysapce is the #1 social networking website averaging up to 500,000 sign ups a day. Just like facebbok...you can create, add, and send out your applications to your friends on their mysapce friends and others. IMO the mysapce community is really cool although facebook is now an all people social network the community is sophisticated. Mysapce community is sophisticated too, but more open minded. I give them an 10/10. However, your opinion counts go ahead and vote on the side!

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